Heavy Jump Ropes (Gravity) (Italia)

Elevate Heavy Jump Rope – are perfect for those looking to do heavy-duty cardio sessions, build muscle, and lose weight. They are by far the best way to test and increase your endurance, stamina and strength.

Why a heavy rope❓
Every kind of rope has its own benefits and fits a different style of skipping. The structure of a heavy rope consists out of a 0.5KG, 10MM, durable pvc cord, injection molded nylon resin handles, detachable caps with cartridge filled ball bearings and a fully adjustable, ultra strong snap lock system.

A heavy rope has proven to be perfect for beginners- to advanced jumpers looking built strength, stamina, endurance and increase their caloric expenditure.

Having said that. We live and breath by quality. If your rope snaps within the first 90 days, we will send you a new one. On top of that, you get a LIFETIME guarantee on all of our handles. No questions asked. That’s how confident we are. 

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How to lose weight, get shredded and build an astonishing physique, using nothing more than a jump rope at home.


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